About Us

What Will You Choose to Say?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably harnessed the power of a positive affirmation at least a couple of times in your life.

But I’ve always found that nothing ignites my fierce inner fire quite like a pair of statement earrings.

Without a single word, I can make the boldest statement . . .

I am courageous, confident, and capable of achieving anything I strive to accomplish.

And guess what? So are you.

I created Lobe Love to empower you with the same profound courage a pair of statement earrings gives to me.

You’re a bold and beautiful force of nature. And you’re worthy of awakening every one of your long held dreams.

With your Lobe Love earrings, you’ll wear a daily reminder of the breathtaking statements you’re destined to make.

Spreading Love Like Wildfire

The Lobe Love story starts with my three little girls. Nothing makes a mom consider her own legacy more than her children . . . And my precious daughters serve as a constant reminder of my own unfolding story.

In creating Lobe Love, I’ve tapped into a wellspring of inspiration simply by observing their brilliant hearts and creative minds.

Each pair of statement earrings represents the messages I share with them: live fearlessly, love yourself unconditionally, and dare to leave your mark on the world.

When I look into the eyes of my little girls, I see the inherent power in every woman to weave awe and beauty into each day.

And my greatest wish is for you to be able to channel your own inner magic, starting from the moment you open your first Lobe Love Statements.